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No. 1: Improving Quickly (Slowly Everyday)

Updated: Jun 13

Frequently Asked Question: I want to get better at flute playing so I can get into (insert school name)! What can I do to improve as quickly as possible?

Improving your flute playing will take diligence, patience, and a lot of practice! The best way (IMHO) to improve quickly is to become aware of the weaknesses in your own playing and find techniques to hone those skills. See what all the top players/teachers are saying about anything and everything and experiment in the practice room like there is no tomorrow. There are so many resources out there to help you- I have compiled a list of them below. Happy Practicing!

<3 Steph

Paid Websites (that also have apps)

If you are someone who cannot afford private lessons, this is a GREAT resource. I know $50/month is steep, but think of it as how much you would spend for a private lesson with an INCREDIBLE teacher (those lessons are typically $100+ for an hour lesson). There are so many videos on here by top-notch players like Jasmine Choi, Alexa Still, Marianne Gedigian, Alberto Almarza...the list is great. Each video lesson comes with a PDF handout of all the materials discussed in the lesson. I just watched Alexa Still's lesson on Chant de Linos by Andre Jolivet last night and I learned so much!

This used to be called smartmusic and it's an online library of thousands of pieces you can play along to (with or without accompaniment and a metronome). They usually have all of the All-State solos on here as well as nearly every piece in the flute repertoire. It's mostly helpful for students who benefit from hearing how a piece is played and also very helpful for recital prep if you are learning pieces with accompaniment!

Paid Apps for iPhone/iPad

Fantastic phone app for tuning and metronome. My favorite thing about this app is the ability to switch between different tuning systems (Equal, Pythagorean, Just, Meantone, Kernberger III, Roussaeu II, etc.....literally they have them all)! Also very helpful metronome subdivision settings as well as a drone that can produce triangle, sine, square, or saw waves.

This is the best app I have found for reading music on an iPad. Very easy to keep organized. Great score annotation tools and stickers for any sort of notational need you might have. Compatible with all page-turning foot pedals.

Books on Flute Playing

Free Websites






Reputable Stores for Flutes, Sheet Music, Accessories

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